7 Valentine Date Ideas for new parents

You have a baby and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Naturally, you think you’ll have to skip celebrating it this year. Fear not! I have 7 Valentine Date Ideas for new parents! 

How to make a changing table on a budget

Once you find out you’re pregnant, one of the things you need to think of is the baby’s room. One of the important places to think of is where you will change their diapers. Today I am sharing with you how to make a changing table on a budget. 

10 months of Benjamin

December 2018 we not only celebrated the first Christmas with Benjamin, but he also turned 10 months on the 23rd. Today I am sharing with you how his 10th month was!

Stop shaming moms for wearing makeup

Back in November, I wrote this post on being a mom who wears makeup. I got a mixture of reactions on it on my social media channels, mostly Instagram. The most asked question was “why” I choose to spend the time applying makeup instead of spending it with my son.…

2018 – my year in review

A lot has happened in my life during 2018. I can say it was definitely a year of changes. If you want to know how my year was, keep on reading!

Portuguese Recipe: Empadas de Frango

As you guys know, I grew up in Portugal. One of the things I like to do is re-create Portuguese food recipes. Today I am sharing with you the recipe for Empadas de Galinha, which is a great party entreé. Maybe you will even want to make it for New…

Easy recipe: mom’s apple cake

I love baking and this recipe is one my mom always used to make. Markus loves it as much as I do (as do his co-workers who have already gotten a few trays of it).  Keep on reading to find out how to make mom’s apple cake!  THE EASY RECIPE…

9 months of Benjamin

Benjamin is turning 10 months one day shy of Christmas. And because so much has changed in the last few months, I decided to start a new series – totally stolen from Amber btw! – where I share how Benjamin is in each month. Only I will try to squeeze the…

Christmas with a baby

In 2017 we celebrated our last Christmas alone as a couple. This year will be our first Christmas as parents and we’re happy to start making some new very own traditions. Keep on reading to find out what our thoughts are on Christmas with a baby.  When a baby is…

5 hard things about being a new mom

Benjamin is turning 10 months this month. That, obviously, means I am now a total expert when it comes to being a mother. Which is why I am sharing with you 5 hard things about being a new mom. 

The most beautiful Advent Markets in Austria: Volksgarten Christkindlmarkt in Linz

This year I teamed up with a few Austrian bloggers and to share with you Christmas Markets from different States in Austria. I chose to write about the Volksgarten Christmas Market in Linz because it holds a special place in my heart. Keep on reading to find out why it is…

5 ways to beat the Winter blues

The “Winter blues”, who hasn’t heard about them? They come up around the colder months, mostly in the northern countries where it is cold and gets dark earlier. You may not think you are suffering from the Winter blues or you may never have heard of them. Today I am…