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Hello there!!!

A few days ago my Dad surprised me with some okras (a vegetable called “quiabo” in Portuguese!) It’s a vegetable that I LOVE and can’t get enough of, so of course I was super happy I was going to have them for dinner last night! 

Want to know how they turned out? Keep reading!


This is how they look raw! We let them in water for a while, so they wouldn’t need to cook that long! Then we boiled them in water and set them aside!

After that, we boiled some Penne and then made a tomato sauce with some onions and garlic and some pork meat and, of course, spices! 

In the end, we brought everything together and we got this:


It tasted AMAZING!!! It is so good and healthy at the same time! I love it that my Dad can cook just about everything =D

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Have a fantastic Saturday!!!

xo Rose[:]


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