Hiking with the baby: Langbathsee

Markus is a big hiker and I love a good hike when my leg plays along. One of the things we wanted to keep doing was hiking with the baby. Today I am sharing with you a beautiful place to go on – with or without a baby!


Markus and I actually went to Langbathsee last year when the lake was still frozen. It was beautiful and we walked on water (literally. Ok, frozen water, but still) So I was pretty stoked when I realized where we were going to take our hike – since Markus hadn’t told me where we were going. 

We took the hike around the Vorderer Langbathsee, the smallest lake. But you can hike up until the bigger lake, there’s a whole hiking trail. Because my leg has been giving me some issues lately, we decided to keep it short and only did the 1h hike. Which was amazing

Langbathsee - The Cheeky Mom

I absolutely love the Langbathsee! The water looked so clear and so blue and pristine. It was somewhat cloudy when we got there, but by the end of the hike, the lake looked like it was vibrating. 

We took the stroller and Benjamin loved it all the way. So much so that he did not even sleep, even though it was way past his nap time. And let me tell you, he always sleeps when we’re out walking. 

And I also got to eat some wild strawberries. Spoiler alert: they were super yummy!

Langbathsee - The Cheeky Mom

Langbathsee - The Cheeky Mom

Langbathsee - The Cheeky Mom

The trail is very stroller and kid-friendly, perfect for a family hiking trip. I can’t wait to go on more trips like these and spend some time in nature with Benjamin. 

Do you like to go on hikes? There are a lot of stroller-friendly trails in Austria and we saw a ton of families there. 


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