Our apartment in Poreč

Like I told you in this post, we rented an apartment for our stay in Poreč. Today I am sharing with you some impressions and our experience staying there. 

Once we decided where we would spend our first vacation as a family, we needed to find out where we would stay. Although we did consider going into a hotel, there were a few things that didn’t appeal to us.

Firstly, we didn’t want to be confined in one room because. It would mean we couldn’t do anything once Benjamin fell asleep. He has a very light sleep when sleeping somewhere else. Secondly, we wanted a space where we could make our own food. Although there are hotels that offer a full-board or half-board, they are way too expensive for what we wanted to spend. So we resorted to good old Booking. 

We ended up renting an apartment near Poreč, located in a family home. Honestly, I did not expect it to feel so homey and the animals brought me back childhood memories. My mom’s Godmother used to have chickens and I spent a few weeks with her when I was younger. The overall smells of the countryside where we stayed just made me feel nostalgic.


The apartment wasn’t modernly decorated, but it was more than enough for us! Benjamin even had his own cot, which he used (after the first horrible night). The bed’s mattress was much harder than what people of northern/central Europe are used to. This was something that did bother Markus, but I was used to it since my own mattress in Portugal was extremely hard as well. 

Although it was small, the apartment has everything you need: a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen/sitting room. It has a huge balcony and the kitchen has air conditioning and everything you need to cook a meal. 

our apartment POREČ

The picture above is taken in the panorama mode of my phone and I was against the corner when I took it. This is the kitchen/sitting room, which wasn’t the biggest but by all means enough for the three of us. Benjamin had a ton of fun running around the table in circles all the time. 

Below you can also see a panorama picture of the balcony, we had in the apartment in Poreč. We had direct view to the chickens and the lovely husky that the family owned. 

The garden of the apartment was also super cute! You can definitely see how much love was put into decorating it. The olive trees were a lovely touch and the fountain had a personal touch to it. 

We were also able to park inside the garden, where there was a specific covered place to park cars. I personally found this to be a very positive thing, that also makes you feel safer when in a foreign country. 

Our rented apartment in Poreč definitely made our stay better than we were expecting! We had our own space and privacy, but we were also pretty central.


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