Showing my true colors at Höhenrausch

Back in September Markus and I decided to finally go check out the Höhenrausch – an interactive exposition where you can walk and see the different spaces (this year’s theme was birds, so you saw birds everywhere) and can see Linz from above!

We had been thinking of going all Summer long, but decided to wait for the weather to get a bit cooler, as you have to walk a lot. I can only say, the exposition did not disappoint and I’ll be definitely going next year! Every year they have a different theme, so it never stays the same!


I made a few friends…they had a ton of parrots and this one was so nice to pose for pictures – true story, she actually posed for them!! Aaaaand her name is Rosi!!!! How cute is that???

I then decided it was time to spread my wings and show my true colors!

They actually had people sitting on that…mind you, it’s on top of a 4 story building!!! I did NOT even think of swinging in the mary-go-round!

Fitting into the birds theme were a lot of bird houses, built by artists. Obviously hey’re not used by birds, but they’re all pretty cool!

We could also check the main street of Linz, from that church tower. We had to walk through the wooden “thingy” (as I called it) to get there. Did I mention I am really scared of heights?

But the view was worth it! I think Markus made up a new game in which every time I squeaked (yes, I squeaked whenever I looked down), he laughed and imitated me.

Have you guys gone to the Höhenrausch? If you’re in Linz, it will be open until the 18th of October! Don’t miss the chance to check it out, as next year it will reopen with a new theme!


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