Time for a birthday wishlist!

 My birthday is in 27 days, on the 3rd of June…in 24 days I will be flying home to my parents to spend my birthday with them! Last year I ended up having literally the worst birthday ever and to make it even worse, I was alone. So I pretty much had decided then that I wouldn’t be alone this year and bough my ticket way back in February. Even though I wouldn’t be alone this year because I do have people in my life now, I’m still happy to see my parents and having a birthday dinner with my friends in Portugal as well! So I decided to make a wishlist for fun!
Birthday Wishlist
1. I received a sample of this perfume and it is amazing!! I totally fell in love! Typically I don’t buy perfumes for myself, as I find they’re more special as given as a gift, also because they’re kind of expensive and more of a splurge.
2. Jewelry is always a good gift! I typically like silver dainty jewelry that has special meaning, like the earrings my parents sent me last year for my birthday or the ring they gave me for graduation.
3. I’ve been in need of a new face wash, but since my skin is extremely sensitive I cannot use just anything…I’ve used this one from Clinique various times, it is expensive but it’s worth the money.
4. I’ve been using my Dad’s old suitcase for my travels since I’ve moved to Austria. And I say “old”, but it’s actually in perfect condition. The thing is, it does not belong to me and if he needs to travel, he doesn’t have a suitcase. So this has been on my wishlist for quite some time already.
5. I need a good foundation and this one from Clarins is actually perfect! It makes my skin feel like velvet and it doesn’t make me break out!! But at about 40€ a bottle, it’s not something I’d spend my money on right now.
6. Books! There are always a ton of books on my wishlist at any given time and I never get tired of getting them.
7. My all time favorite perfume!!! It was almost discontinued but thank god it didn’t!!!! Or better said, it didn’t in Austria…some other countries don’t carry it anymore..I love it and it’s not even one of the most expensive ones out there. I have a bottle, but it’s already over half way empty and I’m getting nervous with the thought of it ending!



    • 12. July 2015 / 6:26 pm

      I know, they’re one of my favorite things to get!

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