This morning when I went to check out my blog stats I was greeted with a lovely surprise…WE’VE SURPASSED THE 10.000 VIEWS!!! 
My old blog hadn’t reached the 50.000 views in over three years and when I think that I’ve only had this blog open for five months, it seems insane to me that it’s already been viewed over 10.000 times (10.087 times to me exact..)
Thank you all so much for supporting me and checking out my little corner here on the web…it means a ton for me!! I’m actually thinking of doing a giveaway soon, not only to celebrate this, but also to thank you all for being the best readers in the whole wide world!
PS: I am well aware that probably 9.999 of these views come from my Mum, who’s always stalking checking the blog to see if I’m eating enough meat. And then calls me telling me I’m not eating enough, because I don’t post it. And so does my Dad, only he complains that he’s not getting enough meat at home. 
Gotta love them!!!
Have a great week!


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