10 Accessories every girl should own!

Hey hey everyone!!

How are you all doing? I’m having a good week so far, so good! 

So, today I decided to bring you guys my top ten accessories every girl should own, in my opinion!

10 Accessories every girl should own!

1- Camisole: Yes, I know, most of you probably will think that’s not an accessory, but a clothing piece. You are right, I tell you. Yet, I do think it can also be an accessory, for the simple reason that you can use it to give you a pop of colour to your outfit, or even to hide a larger bust (like I do).

2- Statement Necklace: I think a statement necklace is the best way to spice up a boring outfit! I have yet to find my favorite statement necklace, but I think they are so cute and some of them quite affordable and if you’re not a crazy perfectionist like me, you’ll find one pretty easily! 

3- Scarf: Yes, I think a scarf (or in this case an infinity scarf) is a great way to not only keep warm, but look stylish at the same time: double win!! I have many and in many different colours and I think you can never have to many!!

4- Bangles: Bangles are just such a cute way to look girly and not to ‘overdone’! You can wear silver, gold or even mix metals (I think that looks really cute!!)

5- A good quality leather bag: Ideally, for me, it would be the Chanel double flap in Caviar Black (anyone want to give me one? =P), that is just my favorite bag of ALL times! Of course, I do not have the money to buy one, so I will stick with the more affordable versions…anyways, a good quality leather bag will last you for years and years and is a good investment!!

6- Classic earrings: I think classic earrings such as pearls are never wrong! I’m wearing some today! And there are many different types of pearls, some more modern if you like them! Any type of small classic earrings I think are good, and every girl should own at least one pair =)

7- Ballerina flats: Black ballerina flats are a must have!! But you can have them in any colour you want and they will spice up any outfit! They are also very inexpensive (I got some leather one for 20€!) and if you get them in red you’ll be like a Parisian girl!

8- Nude heels: I think nude heels are a must in any wardrobe (ok, I’m a loser already because I don’t own any…). They will elongate your legs, make you look thinner and taller and above all that, they look CUTE! But make sure you choose the right shade of nude for your skin tone (that’s why I haven’t got any yet…I’m so pale it’s hard to find the perfect pair).

9- Sunglasses: These are not only stylish, they also protect your eyes from the sun and that’s another double win!!

10- Nail polish: You can choose any colour you want! I think nail polish is a great way to accessorize…even though I haven’t worn any in ages (fail again…. =P), I do believe they can make you go from punk to classy and are an inexpensive way to do it! Plus, if you are good, you can make your own manicures!

What did you guys think of this post? Do you like posts like this one?

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  1. 11. November 2012 / 11:31 am

    Thank you =)


  2. 11. November 2012 / 11:38 am

    I know! A good leather bag is a must in every girl's closet! =D


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