10 months of Benjamin

December 2018 we not only celebrated the first Christmas with Benjamin, but he also turned 10 months on the 23rd. Today I am sharing with you how his 10th month was!

Risking sounding like a cliché blogger: time flew by the last month! And I feel like on one hand not much changed with him and on the other hand everything changed.


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He is still very open to people, but only when he likes them. And he is very good at reading people! If he doesn’t like or trust someone, he won’t even look in their direction. He absolutely loves other kids! When he saw his cousin (who is 4 months older) on Christmas, he immediately started squeaking in delight and trying to pet him. His cousin wasn’t very amused though and Benjamin soon lost interest. Which was a shame, if you ask me, but you can’t expect two kids to be friends when they hardly see each other. 

Whenever we see a dog on the street, he will be happy and want to pet it! I love that he’s not scared of dogs if they bark loudly. Instead, he will look in the direction and get excited. He also still likes to flirt with older women and doesn’t give a damn if they’re with their partners or not. Benjamin now has upgraded to checking the women out when they walk away – I’m not so sure their partners appreciate that though. 

While still being very independent, Benjamin now interacts more with us when he’s playing. He will bring us toys or show us what he’s playing with. I find that very cute! He still dances and sings whenever he likes a song.

Bathtime is now one of his favorite things ever. That wasn’t always the case, as he absolutely hated taking baths until a few months ago and would scream like he was being slaughtered. Now he complains whenever we take him out of the water. 


Although he still enjoys going out on walks, Benjamin now gets bored of being in the pram very quickly. I suppose it also has to do with the weather – he has to wear a lot more layers, which he hates. And gloves, which he absolutely loathes! I also think he gets bored of sitting there and wants to explore things on his own. 

This brings us to the subject of walking: he is not walking on his own yet, but Benjamin will walk if we hold his hands. He can already stand on his own but hasn’t quite figured it out yet. This makes for some funny situations when he realizes he’s standing without holding on to anything and promptly freaks out, falling on his butt. However, if he is holding onto something, he can walk miles! And he can even “escape” from the living room, by moving the playpen – which we use as a divider. 

The little bugger is still as sneaky as they come and likes to try and trick me. Be it by coming up from behind me and giving me a “scare” or by going to places he knows he shouldn’t go. He constantly tries going under the desk where the computer cables are and then laughs and “runs away” when I try to catch him. 

He is now, at 10 months, wearing size 6 to 9 months clothing. His footed pants stopped fitting in a size 4 to 6 last week. All of his sweaters are a size 9 to 12 months. Yes, they are big, but I just fold the sleeves and it doesn’t really matter if they’re a bit too long. 


Benjamin has 2 complete teeth, one cut through and five others coming through. Yes, you read that right: he has six tooth coming at once. Luckily he seems to understand what is going on and is easy to deal with when teething. I feel like the first tooth was a shock and he didn’t know what was happening. Now he’s like “I got this” and is all chill. The only thing we notice, besides a low fever right before the teeth cut, is him not wanting to eat solid food.

He now clearly shows when he wants to go from one parent to the other and makes signs with his hand for us to come to him. If I call him, Benjamin will also crawl to me – if he’s feeling like it. He still likes to ignore me whenever he has the chance. 

This is Benjamin at 10 months of age. Were your babies also like this? I love hearing the differences between babies and their personalities!


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