10 self-care ideas for moms

Self-care is sometimes near impossible to do when you’re a mother. But it doesn’t need to take hours! On those days when you feel extra tired or just need a pick-me-up, taking some minutes for yourself can do wonders for your mood. And feeling your best also means you’ll be a better mom. After all, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. 

10 self-care ideas for moms


1.- Make time for breakfast. Whether you are a porridge eater or only drink coffee in the morning, take the time to do it right. That means sitting down and enjoying it, really tasting every bite/sip you take. This doesn’t need to take long since there are tons of breakfasts you can prepare the night before. 

2.- Listen to your favorite band or songs. Sometimes listening to one of two songs will make a huge difference to your day and mood. 

3.- Read a few chapters on a book. You can do this during the day or at night-time when your baby is sleeping. You can even choose to read your favorite magazine, what you read isn’t important here. It’s the act of taking time for yourself that’s important. 

4.- Take a bath. With bubbles. Or not, it’s up to you! A 10-minute bath can relax help you relax your muscles and will help you sleep better if you do it at night. 

5.- Working out is also self-care. It doesn’t matter if it is yoga or cycling at home, working out will make you feel better. And it is proven to improve your mood as well!

10 self-care ideas for moms

6.- Get that coffee you’ve been dying to try but never actually buy. Pumpkin Spice Latte is your jam? Then splurge on one and enjoy it to the fullest! What is more self-care than keeping your caffeine levels up?

7.- Cuddle with your significant other. Cuddling is known to improve the mood and will make you feel closer to your partner. 

8.- Make it a habit to moisturize your body. The time you take doing it is only yours and on the bright side: your skin will be silky smooth. And it is the epitome of self-care! 

9.- Self-care for your skin: do a face mask. Face masks usually take around 10 minutes (you can double-up and do it in the bath!) and make your skin feel refreshed. 

10.- Just do nothing at all. Seriously, go to the other room, lie down and just do nothing for 5 minutes. Or 10. Or even 20 if you have the time. Once you get back to your kids, you’ll feel much better. 

These are my 10 self-care ideas for moms. Once you become a mother, it is easy to forget about yourself. Which is why self-care is even more important at this stage of our lives! After all, how can we expect to be the best moms we can be if we don’t put ourselves first sometimes? 



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