10 things I wish I knew before I moved out

Here are ten things I wish I’d considered known, before I decided to move to a whole different country (because moving to the next city was too mainstream for me):

1- Mommy ain’t there to do your laundry. And the laundry ain’t gonna do itself. You actually need to do it yourself. And get the detergent and stuff. (which kind? Why are there so many? Why do they say it smells like “seaside”, when it just smells like freaking laundry detergent?)

2- Cooking is not that fun when it’s a necessity. And then you start missing your Dad’s cooking and your Mum’s Sunday lunches. And you’re like “ok…imma go and make some instant soup. Or ramen. Or whatever else takes 2min to do because I’m just to freaking lazy to actually cook something”. (yay to salads, where you only need to cut the ingredients!)

3- You have to be responsible. There’s no other way. No one’s gonna wake you up or tell you it’s time to go home because you have work the next day. 

4- Paying bills. Oh yeah…remember the times when what you earned just went straight to makeup and clothes and car gas? When you didn’t have to pay anything except maybe your phone bill (and car gas)? Yeah….now it’s the rent, phone bill, internet bill, electricity, gas, food, subway card, groceries, shampoo-and-other-grooming-necessities, clothes, etc. Try that and still be able to furnish a house and go out for drinks with your friends once in a while!!

5- No one’s there to kill that spider. Worse, when that spider vanishes, there’s no other room you can go sleep in because you live in a freaking one-room-apartment!

6- When someone rings your bell at 2am in the morning you freak out, stay very still, remember every single horror-suspense-paranormal-ghost movie you’ve seen in your life, almost get a heart attack, consider calling the police, until you realize the person just rang the wrong apartment. Or the building door is jammed.

7- Washing dishes. Cleaning the house. See number 1.

8- When you have a really shitty crappy day and you want your Mommy and Daddy, you have to settle with a phone call. Or you can do it like me and just force everyone at work to hug you. Well, not everyone, just the people I like. Doesn’t matter if they like it, they don’t have a choice.

9- When a problem surfaces, you need to deal with it yourself. There’s no Mommy, no Daddy, no Auntie, not even your best friend is in town (but she always takes your calls if you call her, because that’s what best friends do!).

10- You will feel extremely lonely at times, especially those first few months. And people might take advantage of that and you might let them because you’re happy that someone is paying attention to you. But eventually you’ll find out who is worth your time and who isn’t. Sometimes the hard way, but you will. And you’ll appreciaty your parents so much more, even if they were freaking annoying at times (because you were always a saint a never a pain in their asses butts while growing up – remember the teenage years?)

Did you like this post? I was just thinking about this today and thought it’d give a good, maybe even at times funny, post to write. And maybe some of you out there might relate!



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