10 tips on how to keep warm without sacrificing your style

Fall starts on the 23rd of September – not that you’d believe it judging by the weather we’re currently having in Austria. Nonetheless, the colder weather will come and you’ll want to keep warm. Today I am sharing with you 10 tips on how to keep warm, without sacrificing your style.

The weather in Austria is very different from the weather in Portugal. It doesn’t feel nearly as cold as it did, even though Austria has negative degrees and snow. I think it’s because I lived by the seaside and it, therefore, got very humid. It felt like the cold just got through every into of clothing and right into your bones. In other words: I was constantly cold! Fast forward to me living in Austria and this is not the case anymore.



1. Layering up – multiple layers help keep the temperature warm closer to your body. The trick is not to wear too many layers and for them to be thin, so you still feel comfortable. Also, thinner layers are easier to take off and keep warmer than just a bulky sweater. 

2. Warm socks – I hate the feeling of thick socks in my shoes. Since I’m allergic to wool, I usually wear cotton socks, which obviously don’t warm as much. However, if you can stand thin wool socks, take advantage of them! There’s also cashmere or alpaca socks – I really want to try the latter ones. What I also swear by are fleece tights, they keep really warm and look stylish. 

3. The materials – My scarves were always thin cotton ones or thick fleece ones, that don’t allow my skin to breathe. That was until my best friend Romy gave me a cashmere scarf! It is the softest thing ever and allows my skin to breathe, whilst still keeping me warm. One of my warmest winter coats is made of a cashmere-wool blend and isn’t bulky at all. Choosing the right materials a huge help when keeping you warm during the colder months. And if you get good quality things, they will also last longer. 

4. The Turtleneck – Turtleneck tops are stylish and will keep you warm. There’s a ton of varieties to choose from: thin skin-tight made out of cashmere or bulky wool ones – the world is your oyster! I personally don’t like the feeling of anything too close to my neck, but even I have an oversized turtleneck for those walks on cold days.

5. Accessories – A stylish beanie, some warm gloves or an oversized scarf help keeping you warm, while looking good. They will also elevate any outfit, without you having to spend a fortune. if you have two scarves and two beanies/hats, you already multiple ways of styling the same coat.  

6. The right shoes – Without wanting to offend my fellow vegan friends, the reality is that (until now) I haven’t found any good warm and comfortable shoes that aren’t made out of leather. My warmest, most comfortable boots are my UGGs. My other pair of Winter boots are made out of synthetic materials and isn’t nearly as warm. Having this said, you should really invest in good shoes when living in cold (and especially snowy) countries.

7. Skinny jeans – I know it sounds crazy to put skinny jeans in this list, but hear me out before you type those comments! A pair of skinny jeans is the perfect canvas to create a warm outfit. You can layer big bulky sweaters or multiple thin layers on top of them. You can wear them tucked into normal or over-the-knee-boots. And you can get them a size up and wear tights underneath them for that extra layer of warmth. 

8. Skirts – Yes, I know this one also sounds weird but keep on reading. I started wearing much more skirts during Winter since I got to Austria. When worn with really warm tights they end up keeping me warmer than pants do (which I don’t like wearing with tights). A thicker pencil skirt will also stop the wind from getting into your legs, which aren’t always covered by your coat. 


9. Slather on that cold cream – This was something I wasn’t aware of until our first Winter with Benjamin. “Cold creams” are very fatty creams that create a barrier on your skin against the cold and wind. Obviously, I don’t recommend using it every day, since it is kinda hard to get off. But on days you go out on a walk or particularly cold days, applying a thin layer of cold cream will do wonders for your skin. It won’t dry out and won’t be affected by the cold. 

10. Hold on to that hot beverage – You’ve all seen those LA girls carrying their Starbucks coffees all the time, right? Carrying a hot beverage during colder months actually does help keep you warm. I’m not telling you to go buy a coffee every day, tho. Invest in a reusable mug or thermos cup and fill it up before you go to work! You can drink it on your way there or simply hold it in your hands, keeping them warm. 

Does it get cold where you live or are you blessed with mild temperatures all year long? If you have any other tips you’d like to share with me about how to keep warm during the colder months, I’d be happy to know them! 


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