12 months of Benjamin

Benjamin turned 12 months on the 23rd of February and is no longer a baby. My son is now a toddler. This post is all about Benjamin at 11 and 12 months!

I missed the 11th-month update, which is why I am including it here in this post. 

Benjamin and Daisy - Curvy Life Stories


Benjamin is still considered to be on the “small” side – according to whatever doctor made the charts. His doctor is not worried at all and neither are we. He is now perfectly wearing the size 74 (6 to 9 months) and his sweaters in size 80 (9 to 12 months) merely look long and not huge on him anymore. On his 12 month check-up, Benjamin was 75 cm tall and 9 kg heavy. His doctor joked it must be mostly muscle, since he is so slender.

I feel like so much has happened in the last two months, and yet everything is still the same. Benjamin started walking on his own at 11 months, so that’s been fun. I noticed, whenever he’s either going through or almost going through a leap, he seems to “regress” in his newly learned abilities. This also happened with walking, one day he was walking fine and the next it was like he has gone back to the way when he was still taking his first steps. 

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Benjamin still gets very frustrated whenever he cannot do something he wants to do. A new thing that has started is his newfound ability to throw little “tantrums”. This almost only happens when he isn’t allowed to do something or when I take something away from him. Thankfully, these tantrums only last for a few minutes – once he realizes it’s not doing anything, he stops and promptly ignores me. 

I also noticed him get a lot more adventurous regarding food, around the 11th month! He was always a very good eater, but there were things he just didn’t like the consistency of, like meat or pasta. Now he will take everything and try it out. Most of the time he likes it too. He is now eating to 90% the same thing we are, whereas before we would always have some baby food on hand as well. 


I told you on the last update that Benjamin was very open to people and if he didn’t like someone, he would simply not give them any attention. While he is still very open to people, he has also started showing fear of strangers. This usually starts between 7 and 9 months, but he only started showing signs of fear after he turned 11 months old.

He’s a very “polite” baby though, he won’t cry or scream. Instead, he will hold on to me or his dad and lay his head on our shoulder. Almost as if he were shy. Unfortunately, this also means sometimes people just assume that’s what is happening and are a bit too forward. That is especially the case with family members who don’t see him that often and then misunderstand his cues, scaring him even more. On the other hand, he also warms up to people very quickly, once the whole being scared moment is over!

Benjamin - Curvy Life Stories


It’s no secret that Benjamin loves animals, I share it all the time on my Instagram. We always go see the horses near our house during our daily walks and he loves it. He already recognizes the street and starts excitedly babbling whenever we’re approaching the stables. Benjamin loves hugging Daisy – although she doesn’t love it as much as he does. 

He has always loved other kids too – whenever we are in the tram and another stroller stops next to us, he gets super happy and excited. Much like with people, though, if for some reason he does not like the kid, he won’t give them the time of the day. Benjamin has also a very high sensibility to babies as well, which I found extremely unexpected because he is still so young. A friend of ours visited us with her 1-month-old baby and Benjamin was very careful with him. He even tried to share his food with the baby’s foot, when he was crying – I found that really endearing.

And the cutest thing ever: when his cousin came over, Benjamin hugged him more than once! He was so excited to have another kid here, he kept showing him his toys and playing with him. Granted, he also wanted to touch his cousin’s eyeballs….but he is only one, let’s not forget that. 

I am super excited to see how my little boy will develop in the months and years to come! He already has such a beautiful personality and I love seeing him try new things and excelling at them. 


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