20 simple and easy things to enjoy this Fall without going broke

Fall time, I love it and have written about it here and here, to name a few posts. This means this post is totally unnecessary and yet I am still publishing it. Because I freaking love fall and think there’s no reason not to share the love for it. So here are 20 simple and easy things to enjoy this fall without going broke. 

I don’t know how it is where you are living, but I think Austria hasn’t received the memo yet that Fall has started. Nonetheless, I have faith that we will still experience this season with appropriate temperatures before we get engulfed by Winter snow. 

20 things to do this fall without going broke


1 – Go out for a walk and admire the colors of Fall around you

2 – Get some open-fire roasted chestnuts from the dealer on the street

3 – Drink some tea – or pumpkin spice latte, if that’s your thing

4 – Speaking of pumpkin: eat all the things pumpkin! Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin everything!

5 – Make some apple crumble

6 – Add cinnamon to everything – yes, everything!

7 – Eat some porridge in the morning

8 – Bake a Fall themed pie

9 – Drink hot tea with lemon and honey

10 – Enjoy the season’s Fashion

11 – Update your skincare to the colder weather

12 – Eat soup – soups are healthy and perfect for this time of the year

13 – Get reared up for Halloween

14 – If Haloween is not your thing (who are you?!), start your Christmas shopping

15 – Make home-made waffles – maybe pumpkin or apple waffles and definitely with cinnamon

16 – Drink apple cider 

17 – Visit a pumpkin patch 

18 – Buy a new sweater – or scarf, or beanie/hat, or boots or whatever you need for Fall time

19 – Celebrate Friendsgiving 

20 – Take more pictures (or print the ones you have) and make a photo album

What is your favorite thing to enjoy during Fall time? Mine is definitely the open-fire roasted chestnuts! I haven’t had any this year yet and can’t wait to get my hand on some.


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