25 ways to show your love for someone

In a world where the words “I love you” are thrown around like confetti, their meaning often gets lost. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, which is why today I am sharing with you 25 ways for you to show your love for someone special.


  1. Really listen to what the person has to say. 
  2. Clean up the dishes (or hang/fold/iron the laundry…), even when it isn’t your turn to do so. 
  3. Tell them how and when you knew they were “the one”. 
  4. Ask them how their day was. 
  5. Show them you don’t take them for granted. 
  6. Have their backs and stand up for their actions, no matter what the situation. 
  7. Support their dreams and projects, even if you don’t understand them. 
  8. Try your best to care about something important for them, even if it doesn’t interest you. 
  9. Buy them that expensive thing they’ve wanted, but never splurge on. 
  10. Run them a bath after a long day.
  11. (If you have kids) take them out on a walk and give your partner some alone time. 
  12. Watch that movie they want to watch (without complaining). 
  13. Put them and their needs first, as often as you can. 
  14. Don’t complain/criticize them for doing something differently than you would. 
  15. Try to understand their fears, even if they seem irrational to you.
  16. Express your gratitude more often and praise them for all the things they do. 
  17. Show them they’re worth it. 
  18. Apologize if you hurt their feelings. 
  19. Randomly share with them what you love about them. 
  20. Brag about them to others, discreetly, but in a way they can hear. 
  21. Show them how and why they make you proud. 
  22. Share with them what they mean to you.
  23. Listen to them when they talk, even when your day was long and you’re tired. 
  24. Make it a point to resolve conflicts or issues that may arise. 
  25. Love them unconditionally.

The longer people are in a relationship, the more “comfortable” they get. Love needs to be nurtured and these small gestures will assure you keep it alive, even if you have been together for 25 years and have a ton of kids.


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