5 reasons to love fall

Fall is definitely my favorite season! It’s right before Winter with its snow and Christmas spirit, it’s not as hot as Summer and the fashion options are endless.

In this post, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite things about fall! 


1- The FEELING of Fall. Yes, you read right – the feeling. That feeling you get once Fall starts, the color of the trees, the smell of the damp air in the morning, the wind making leaves fly – the list is endless.

2- Pumpkin season!  Although I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I tried it, not my jam), I do love pumpkin. Soup (with Kürbiskernöl!), risotto, in curry or even as gnocci – I love being able to cook with pumpkins! My mum makes a killer jam with a special kind of pumpkin too. 


3- Warm fall drinks. I’m a coffee lover, but I also enjoy my tea. However, whilst I do enjoy my coffee daily even during the warmer months, tea is something I reserve for the colder months. I must confess I’ve made use of my cold to drink as much tea as possible lately.

4- Rainy fall afternoons. I hate being out in the rain (mostly due to the danger of falling), but I there are little things I like more than being at home, curled under a blanket while it’s pouring outside. And don’t even let me start on rainy nights – the best to sleep!


5- Cozy fall home-wear. During the colder months, you can find me in cozy sweat pants and fuzzy socks. There’s nothing that warms my heart (and feet) and looks absolutely un-sexy as my owl pajama pants, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

What are your favorite things about this time of the year? Are you a PSL fan? I always hear about it, but never met anyone that actually likes it!


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