50 Shades of grey

I’ve always loved grey hues, but this year my love affair has grown deeper. In the last few months I have bought two pairs of jeans, one cardigan, one sweater and two t-shirts all in gray. Markus even jokes about it.

So, since my love has been running so deep, I decided to put together an outfit in shades of grey:

I chose some simple skinny jeans that go with everything and chose to pair them with a stripped t-shirt – classy and casual. The jacket is quite a statement on its own – I love the cut and color mix! You guys know how I love mixing patterns, hence the scarf I chose.

For shoes, I couldn’t choose. So, naturally I decided to include all three in this collage. Everyone knows I love a good pair of Uggs – yes, I love them, they’re comfy and keep your feet warm! But i also like chelsea boots, combat boots and a good heel. All these three shoes would look good with the outfit, giving it a different vibe altogether.

Accessory-wise I decided on a dark grey bag that will carry your whole life and more, a ring with a grey stone, some earrings and a silver watch. And, so that people (ahem, our boyfriends who don’t know fashion) don’t complain, I chose a red lipstick. Because that is the ultimate accessory and will make any woman look amazingly beautiful!

What do you think of the grey trend? Are you in or are you out? Let me know!


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