6 tips on how to keep cool during a heatwave

hate the heat. It makes me feel sick and dizzy thanks to my low blood pressure and I never know what to wear because everything is soaking in sweat within minutes. Today I am sharing with you 6 tips on how to keep cool during a heatwave!

What I hate the most about the hot weather is the sweating. I don’t need much to start sweating, it’s genetic and I absolutely hate it! I don’t like the clammy feeling it leaves on my skin, not to mention that I get eczema if I leave sweat on my skin for too long. Yup, I am allergic to my own sweat, ain’t that neat? I obviously cannot spend my days in the shower when it is this hot, but I do have some tricks on how to survive during the hot weather. 


The easiest way to get through a heatwave is to try to keep your own temperature as cool as possible. While being in a room with an air conditioner may help, most of us don’t have air conditioners at home. 

1- Water! I can’t stress this enough, but you need to up your water intake when it is so hot out. This means drinking a lot, preferably water but unsweetened tea also does wonders. I drink way more than 2 liters of water a day when it is so hot. 

2- The right foods. While eating ice cream for every meal may seem tempting, there are better foods to choose from. Any fruit and vegetable high in water is the best choice. Try also to choose foods that are cooling like lemons, mint, watermelon or cucumber. Sage tea is also very good in a heat wave. 

3- Ice ice baby! Yes, I told you not to eat ice cream for every meal. But right now I am talking about ice cubes! You can use them in your drinks or you can even freeze fruit juice for a different treat. 

how to keep cool during a heatwave - lemonade

4- Go to the dark side. When in a heatwave, it is important to look for the shade. The temperature there is slightly cooler and you will be protected from the sun rays, which is an added bonus. 

5- Take a swim. Whether it is in a pool, lake or at the beach – the place doesn’t really matter. Getting into the water will cool your body and make you feel refreshed! 

6- Pick the right fabrics. It is a no-brainer that you should dress lightly during a heatwave. But the fabric of your clothing also matters a lot! Silk and cotton are long-time favorites for the hot weather. Viscose can be cooling too. 

These are my six tips on how to keep cool during a heatwave! What are your fool-proof tips?


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