7 Valentine Date Ideas for new parents

You have a baby and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Naturally, you think you’ll have to skip celebrating it this year. Fear not! I have 7 Valentine Date Ideas for new parents! 

Last year we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a homecooked dinner. This year Benjamin will be almost one when Valentine’s Day comes around, so we’re not really new parents. We have almost a year of experience under our belts, but these ideas will go well if your baby is a newborn or a little tyrant toddler. 

7 Valentine Date Ideas for new parents - Curvy Life Stories


1- Make a theme dinner/meal. Whether it is a Mexican themed day or an “all-red-foods” dinner, make the next meal fun! You can present the food in a heart shape or go with only romantic foods (chocolate covered strawberries, anyone?). You can all eat together at the table or with your partner once the baby is in bed. 

2- Go out for a long walk. If the weather is good and you have the time, get out of the house! You could go for a big walk or only around the block. Getting some fresh air is beneficial for you and the baby. You can make it even better by…

3- Sharing an ice cream. Or fro-yo, hot chocolate or even cake and a cappuccino! Treat yourselves and make it romantic by sharing it with your partner and maybe letting the baby have a try. 

4- Have an indoor picnic. Why don’t you sit on the living-room floor and have a picnic as a family? You can make it only finger-foods – that way the baby can also take a part in it (this is especially fun if they can already eat solids and sit on their own). 

5- Movie Night. Put on the cheesiest romantic comedy you can find on Netflix, make some popcorn and cuddle under some big blankets with your partner. The plus side: you can pause it anytime if the baby cries!

6- Splurge on take-out. Order from a place you’ve always wanted to try or never order from because it is outside of the price range you usually stick on. 

7- Go swimming. Babies usually love indoor swimming pools and you can do it as a family bonding time. Bonus: the baby will be nice and tired in the evening.

Going on dates and having fun doesn’t have to stop just because a little human took permanent residence in your home. I hope this post helps you out if you’re a new parent struggling to decide what to do this Valentine Day!


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