90€ for a lipstick?!

Our beloved Mr Louboutin is expanding his makeup/beauty line and came out with a lipstick line. It features 38 shades and costs 90€. And yes, it’s the prettiest lipstick collection ever, check it out:


Leave it to Christian Louboutin to come out with the cutest packaging, that oozes luxury from every curve!

And apparently it’s multi-functional:


Creating a lipstick that is just..well, a lipstick, just wasn’t good enough for the god of shoes, so he decided to make non only the cutest packaging ever, but also turn it into a necklace piece! Yes, you can tie a ribbon (silk, obviously, everything else isn’t luxurious enough!) and wear your lipstick as a necklace. Bonus: If you keep losing/forgetting your lipsticks (like me), you’ll always know where it is. 


I do find the packaging beautiful and whilst I haven’t tried them out, I also believe the lipstick itself is going to be good quality. The necklace idea is also quite cute! But I think that 90€ for a lipstick is just pushing it a bit. Even high-end luxurious brands like Chanel or Dior charge less than 40€ for their lipsticks.

At the end of the day I think only women who don’t know where to spend their money or those who are suckers for anything that has a brand name to it will actually buy it. But hey, we always have the pictures to look at!



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