A little personal ramble…

It is the last month of class and I’m officially starting to go crazy with everything there is to do! I have works to finish, presentations, essays to write and four tests…all in four weeks!!!
Right now I’m in class, my mind wandering to the written work I have to present this thursday and trying not to freak out about it…luckily I have great friends and an amazing boyfriend who is the best and always supports me no matter what, even when he’s not totally ok, he’s always there for me and I truly love him for that!
But all in all, I’m quite optimistic and trying to be as positive as I can possibly be! =D
So please bear with me while I can’t write as much here! I have not forgotten about the blog (how could I? It’s my baby!) and I have quite the news to share in about two weeks!!!
There are a couple of hauls coming, some tutorials, outfit pictures and also some (fun and exciting) changes!!


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