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I work in a call center as a customer care service agent for a telecommunications company. So far, so good. I like customer contact and I do like my job. But it’s not all roses and peonies all the time!

Me and my colleagues are the victims of a humongous amount of abuse, on a daily basis. No, not from our colleagues, not from our bosses and I’m not even talking about the long hours and short pauses.

I’m talking about the customers!

While 60% of the customers that call us are respectful and polite, there are the 40% that are just outrageous. We try our best to give the best service possible to the customers that call us. We sit there, day after day, hour after hour, answering the calls of customers who need help and try our best to resolve the issues at hand. But there are customers who just treat us like shit. And that’s not OK.

I’ve had customers that start the conversation already yelling and while some of them just need to blow of some steam and frustration, others just think they’re the center of the universe and better than anyone else.

If you went to a store and started yelling at the workers there, you’d get security escort you out – that’s the best case scenario. So why is it that you think you can call a hotline and insult us directly, yell at us and behave like people who do not have a drop of education in them? It’s called being civil, people!!!

It’s not OK, it’s not polite, it’s downright bullying and abusive!

Please, remember people that work in customer care service are also humans beings, with feelings and problems and lives of their own. And we are taking our time to help you, the best way we can! Sometimes we can’t help, sometimes we need to connect you to another department, sometimes things need to go through certain processes and if you, the customer, failed to inform yourself correctly about something, it is not our fault and we do not deserve to get the blame. And trust me, we truly try our best to solve the situation as quickly as possible, but sometime we have our hands tied and cannot do more.

While I’m not afraid to tell a customer to not yell at me, some of my colleagues end certain calls and need to go cry for 5 minutes. I don’t take things personally, once a customer starts calling me a bitch and whatnot, I warn him/her that I will hang up if they don’t stop insulting me right away. Usually that makes them stop, it’s like they realize “oh hey, that’s a person on the other end of the line” and I can tell you I only ever needed to hang up twice (each time with three warnings). I don’t even allow a customer to say “shit” or “fuck” to me on the phone, I immediately ask them to stop and talk to me in a proper manner. Men usually immediately apologize, while women just stop with the cursing, without an apology.

Next time you call a hotline,remember the person speaking to you on the other side of the line, is also a person, a human being, with emotions and feelings of their own and believe us when we tell you there is nothing we can do, it’s because there is nothing we can do!



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