All about jeans!

In the beginning of the month I was invited by Loebell Nordberg to attend press release from C&A, where they were showing the new Spring collection where it’s all about the basics: Jeans! Unfortunately I couldn’t attend it, because I was checking into the hospital on the day it was taking place. However, the people at Loebell Nordberg were nice enough to send me what went on, via email. It really made my day, because I was sort of sad that I couldn’t go, since C&A is actually one of my favourite brands and go-to store and also where I get most of my jeans.

Anyway, the content of the email they sent me, inspired me to make a post all about jeans to share with you guys! All of the photographs were taken from the press release from Loebell Nordberg sent me.


This Spring it’s all about the classic jeans. Not only as pants, but also as dresses and overalls, as you can see in the first and third pictures! Personally, jeans are one of my wardrobe staples and I think I’m wearing them 90% of the time!

Sabina Vanek, C&A’s fashion style expert shares these 5 Style Tips surrounding Denim:

Skinny jeans with push-up feature provide a special lift effect. Stilettos will add more elegance to the outfit” – I own a pair of skinny jeans with the push-up effect feature and I love them! They’re super comfortable and make my butt look great 😉

Rolled-up legs and ankle boots turn a boring outfit into something special” – I must say that I never really tried this, because I’m scared my legs would look shorter. But I’ll definitely try it out!

Washed-out jeans with a grey sweater and white sneakers conjure a casual yet sporty street look” – I love grey, however I don’t have any white sneakers and am still trying to decide if I like the look of white sneakers. I’m thinking of trying out the classics from Adidas, since I used to have a pair back in high-school and I loved them.

Dark blue and indigo washes will make you look narrower and make your legs look longer” – I totally agree. I personally love to wear darker washes, partly because of this reason. Also, I think dark washes can also be worn for more dressed up situations.

Light washes are the perfect choice for a casual spring look” – Like I just said, I personally prefer darker shades. However, I do agree that lighter shades look better during Spring and Summer. I mean, how gorgeous is the dress-shirt above?

What is your favourite jeans shape? Do you also wear jeans-shirts or jackets?



  1. 25. February 2016 / 10:45 pm

    Love all of these Rosie, skinny jeans are definitely my favorite 🙂

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • 26. February 2016 / 3:45 pm

      Yup, I love them too! Gotta try mom-jeans though, everyone keeps either raving about them or hating them..definitely worth checking out 😉

    • 26. February 2016 / 3:46 pm

      Thanks!! I actually look forward to try one of the flared styles =D

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