[:en]Why I am ashamed to call myself a feminist[:]


The feminists portrayed by the media are made to look like feral animals who don’t have a basic hygiene knowledge, only care about women’s rights and see men as the root of all problems in the world. They want to denigrate men, see themselves above men and want to be seen as such by others. Regardless of who the man is, he is to be hated. 

The women described above have forgotten who they are. They do things because of men. Men want women to shave – they respond by not shaving. Men want women to wear dresses – they respond by not wearing any. Men want women to be hygienic – they respond by not showering (often forgetting that other women are also around). By not wanting to do what men want them to, these feminists’ lives still revolve around men

What is feminism really?

I want to consider myself a feminist, because I see feminism as wanting equal rights. For everyone. Be it men, women, the LGBTQ community or the refugees who had to flee their homes. It doesn’t matter to me what a man wants me to wear or not, because it’s not up to him what I do or how I dress myself and I will not live my life according to what someone else wants me to. It does matter to me that every person has something to eat, drink and clothes to put on their bodies when it is cold. That a cleaning lady or a CEO gets paid the same as its gender counterpart. 

I don’t see myself as being better than any man, and I don’t want any man to consider themselves better than me. “Oh, but men are stronger than women and women cannot do certain types of work” – BULLSHIT! I know men who cannot pick up things heavier than 10 kg and I know women who can carry 25 kg. And guess what, it has nothing to do with what they have between their legs!

I don’t consider myself better than my black friends and they don’t consider themselves above me. I may never understand the pain of their slavery past and they may never understand why WWII references break my heart and are very close to home. And that is ok, we all have different stories, different lives, different pasts. But shouldn’t we all have the same rights? Aren’t we all the same inside? 

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

I am a feminist. Or am I? The daily internal dilemma of what I identify with, or don’t.

I am ashamed to call myself a feminist because of the women who have tainted the concept of being a Feminist

I am ashamed to call myself a feminist, because I don’t want people to think I hate everyone who isn’t a woman. 

I am ashamed to call myself a feminist, because those women turned feminism into a joke. 

Feminists, real feminists, aren’t haters. We are lovers. We love the human kind, we want everyone to be equal, no matter their gender, color of their skin, what they identify with, their religion or where they come from. We want everyone to have the same rights. We want LGBTQ people to be able to walk fearless, without a trace of the fear so many have now. We want a woman who does the same as a man to be paid the same. We want fathers to have paid paternity leave. We want boys to know it is ok to cry and show emotions and we want women to not feel like they need to hide the way they feel.




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