A little hairy story

If you’ve been following long enough, you know my natural hair is actually dark blonde. It was “white-blonde” when I was a kid and then eventually darkened to a strawberry dark blonde. I used to dye it light blonde and then eventually switched to highlights. It was always very natural, as you can see here:

One of the first pictures I took when I first used my real name to blog!

This was my hair on the day I graduated, only color was in the tips and already fading:

Later that year I finally made the decision of taking control of my life, opened my eyes to all the messed up stuff my boyfriend at the time was doing to me and made the decision to finally face my fears and move to Vienna – since I wasn’t seeing any professional future in Portugal. Obviously, the next logical step in the equation was to dye my hair red. Yup. Red. Well, it was supposed to get off within 6 weeks. But it didn’t. And I liked it, it made me feel different, free, confident. Eventually I realized that I was hiding behind my hair color and decided to go back to my roots. Which is hard – very hard. I dyed it dark brown and whilst it looked good, it wasn’t what I wanted. I tried to get to my roots at home, over and over again – to no avail. Every time I tried, my hair would get a greenish tint and I would have to go back over with some red tint. I cannot use actual hair dye anymore, because it makes me dizzy, so I used the kind that washes out and it did the trick.

While at home for vacation, I decided enough was enough and went to the hair dressers. I explained what I wanted, took pictures and told her I don’t want actual dye. Since bleach doesn’t actually touch hour scalp, it’s no problem. The lady told me it would take longer, it cannot be done in just one procedure and that I’d have to use a TON of blue shampoo and blue masks afterwards. I must confess, I was nervous. I was very nervous. But here’s the result:

Some light highlights surrounding my face, giving it some form and light. Below you can see the view from above. Even the hairdresser was surprised as to how good it turned out – hence, no yellow!

I love it and am so happy to be getting more and more to look like myself. Being red was fun, but I know I still have red tinges in my hair – will have them forever as it runs in the family and I actually like it. But I prefer the light ginger strands, instead of the whole head red. Also, I think this looks better on me, I don’t look so pale anymore.

What do you guys think? Let me know! And if you know a good hairdresser in Linz that knows how to make good highlights, please let me know! =)


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