Ban all the curvy women!!!

Instagram has decided to ban the #curvy from their site. I guess there are no curvy women anymore! 

This did not go unnoticed and has created sort of a rebellion on the world wide web. You just need to make a search on Google to see how much this situation has taken over the news. 

According to CNN Instagram “has banned the hashtag #curvy because it was used for porn and therefore violated the site’s terms of service”. Oh, ok, then it’s obviously ok, we forgive you Instagram!! You were indeed just trying to protect us all curvy girls so that people don’t confuse us with porn stars. What would we do without you???

Now I just have to ask one thing:

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just ban the people who were posting pornographic pictures instead of banning one of the hashtags it was being used with?!?!?! As far as I know your terms of service don’t say anything about using the word “curvy”, so logically the problem here was the pornographic content and not the hashtag. Therefore I do not comprehend why you thought it would be fair to just take a hashtag out, instead of blocking the accounts that were using it wrongly!

If you insist in banning the hashtag, how about banning hashtags such as #bitch #vagina #boobs or #fuck?! Ironically I have also noticed that hashtags such as #thin, #sizezero or #thinspiration are still available. 

I think the “reason” Instagram gave for banning this particular hashtag has nothing to do with the pornographic pictures it was being used it. I think if it was because of that, there are a lot of other hashtags that fit the quote, some even far worse! Maybe this was a way of fat-shaming those who aren’t a size 0 or maybe Instagram (or the people behind it) were becoming bothered with all the pictures that confident and beautiful #curvy women were posting, celebrating their bodies and their beauty!

I can only come to the conclusion that whoever is behind this is probably a woman, with a model-like body who feels uncomfortable when someone that does not look like a Victoria’s Secret model feels good about herself and isn’t afraid to show it through her Instagram pictures. Women are far more likely to fat-shame other women or make other women who do not fit into the society “hot body” standard feel bad about themselves so it is only understandable that more and more people think this was the real reason for Instagram blaming #curvy. 



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