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Hello dolls!

So…I really need to get something off of my chest… Yesterday I went to a lingerie shop looking for a bikini (since my old ones are all waaaay to big now). I went to a little shop in my town (village?) and the sales woman was really nice, I’ve known her for a while and she immediately noticed the difference in my boobs and was really happy for me.  

She helped me look for some bikini tops and I found one that I liked in bright navy blue and tried it on and it looked great and everything (I did not buy it yet because I want to look at some other places first).

Ok…so, what I really didn’t like was when I saw the size of the top I had just tried on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a small girl whatsoever, but I just went from a 36G to a 36C and I don’t think a 36C is at all a XL! Now, I know that it isn’t realistic, but I started thinking about young girls that go to that store and buy things and how they must feel thinking they are fat because they only fit into a XL!! Having had trouble with my weight for my whole life, this subject is really close to my heart! I don’t want to see young girls at a perfectly good weight thinking they are fat and trying to starve themselves so they can fit into a size M or S!! I’ve been there and done it, and now I know it isn’t good, but what if they don’t have the same support system I had??

I think the Industry should stop telling girls how they should look like! Girls should be healthy, no matter what their size is!!! I find Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian STUNNING!!! Because they’re not just skin and bones! They have boobs and booties and curves and that is how a woman should look like!!!

Leave your comment…tell me what you think, ok?

xo Rose


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