Breaking up..

Dear Problems!

I don’t know a nice way to tell you this…but I think we should break up! I could say it is me and not you, but that would be lying. It’s you. It’s totally you! 

You give me headaches, make me cry and on top of that you cheat on me with literally everyone else there is in the world!

I am done with the sleepless nights laying awake in my bed thinking about you and how to solve you and the countless “why me’s”!

I have decided I am moving on from you. Breaking up and starting from scratch! You can come after me, try to call or even e-mail me but you will not get an answer. Go give someone else headaches!

From now on I will give my full attention to those who love me, my family and friends and I will forget about you! Only good thoughts are allowed to come into my mind and life! Only good things and not any of your friends and family Problems…I have no desire in having any of them in my life!

I will smile instead of crying, I will sleep instead of thinking of you and what to do and I will be happy and laugh!

Finally I will have time to meet my good friends HappinessLoveFriendshipSmile and even Butterflies in my Stomach that you kept me from seeing for so long! 

Nevertheless…I hope you manage not to be so problematic anymore…I wish you luck into making someone else’s life miserable!

We had a good run Problems…but now it’s over!


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