Wedding Wednesday: the guest list

On my last Wedding Wednesday post I shared with you the two first things to tackle on your list when organizing a wedding. Today we will be talking about the wedding guest list!

Wedding Wednesday: the two first steps when organizing a wedding

When I shared our Engagement on my Instagram, I got a lot of positive comments and direct messages. Amongst them were also requests to write about the wedding process on the blog. Organizing a wedding may be intimidating, but I found out there’s a way to make it simple and…

This was the Curvect Bride Salon 2018

As some of you may know, Bobby from Curvect is one of my dearest friends. Naturally, when she first told me about the Curvect Bride Salon I immediately told her I would be there. And so we (Markus, Benjamin and I) drove to Vienna on the 21st of October. Keep on…

Wedding Wednesday: the engagement ring

Welcome to the “Wedding Wednesday” series. Here I will share everything concerning my wedding. Today it’s going to be all about the engagement ring! THE ENGAGEMENT RING Markus proposed to me with a ring I already owned, which he had given me last year. The reason for this is because…

The secret I’ve been keeping: We are engaged!

I started blogging at 14 years old. Back then I shared everything. Today I only share a small part of my life. This is one thing I do not want to keep from you!