Christmas with a baby

In 2017 we celebrated our last Christmas alone as a couple. This year will be our first Christmas as parents and we’re happy to start making some new very own traditions. Keep on reading to find out what our thoughts are on Christmas with a baby. 

When a baby is very young, they don’t really understand what Christmas is all about. But Benjamin is already going to be 10 months old by Christmas Eve and, although he may not understand it, he will know it is a different day by the way we spend it. 

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You know Christmas was always a very bittersweet time for me (as were birthdays and any other occasion when the whole family got together. Which was a lot of times). I would get excited about it, be happy to see everyone, only to end up spending yet another night playing a role I didn’t even know I didn’t want to play. What I thought were traditions, were actually things everyone in the family thought we “had” to do. 

Markus and I spoke a lot about it when I was still pregnant. We are a family now, our own family, and we want to start our own traditions. Some include what we eat, some will also include how we approach the holidays and how we will teach them to our son. 

As of now we usually go spend the Christmas Eve with one of his parents and one of the other Christmas days with the other. This may change in the future, or not, we are open to everything. Maybe we will invite people over to us, maybe we will spend the days as a family and go visit the grandparents another day. I know I would also like to incorporate my side of the family into the festivities, even if they’re in Vienna. We haven’t figured everything out yet, but we have time to do so.
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Benjamin can consider himself lucky because he has a fair amount of toys. Some bought by us, a lot of his favorites gifted by his aunt Romy and some from other friends and family. However, sometimes we notice he gets fed-up with the toys, probably because he has so many to choose from. So we tend to rotate them by putting some of the toys away. Once he’s bored of the ones out, we put those away and let him play with the others. It works very well and he enjoys them much more. 

Markus and I talked about gifts for Benjamin a couple of months ago. We don’t want him to be overwhelmed by a ton of new things at once. But we also want him to learn to appreciate what he receives. Which is why, if someone wants to give him a toy, they should limit themselves to only one. We know what he’s getting from my parents and what his aunty Romy is giving him. I think I am more excited than him because I know he’ll love both things! 

We’re fine with him getting clothes – we appreciate it since we don’t have any friends with babies the same age or family members who can or want to give us their baby’s old clothes. Otherwise, there is only one thing I would never limit him: books. I loved books and that’s something I will always give him if I can. 

We haven’t figured everything out yet. How do you celebrate Christmas? Regardless if you have children or not, share your traditions with me!


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