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I have been living in Linz for almost 3 years now. And in this time I have tried my fair share of restaurants and coffee places in town. But there was one place still on my list: Die Brüher. A coffeehouse specialized in, you guessed it, coffee! They offer a variety of coffees, from French Press to filter coffee and, of course, espresso. Located directly opposite Linz’s Rathaus (Townhall or City Hall), this little coffee shop can be easily reached with every tram in the city. 

Die Brüher Linz - Curvy Life Stories


I decided enough was enough and forced told Markus I wanted to go there for breakfast. He was all for it, so I proceeded by making a reservation via e-mail. This didn’t go very well because they were having issues with their server, so I contacted them via Facebook Messenger – since there is no phone number available. I got an answer within two days confirming the reservation. Sure, this could have been much easier if there was a phone number to call, but it didn’t really bother me that much. 

We got there on Saturday at 10 am and I was surprised to see only one table was occupied. There are four two-people tall tables with bar stools opposite the counter pictured above. Then alongside the two windows, there are also tables with more places to sit. It really is the embodiment of the German saying “Klein, aber fein” or in English: “Small, but exquisite”.

Die Brüher Linz - Curvy Life Stories

Like I already said, Die Brüher is specialized in coffee. And let me tell you, they don’t make good coffee. Die Brüher make the best coffee I have had in Linz. Which is to say a lot, coming from a self-admitted “coffee snob”. We both ordered coffee right away, even before checking the breakfast menu. I chose a small Caffe Latte and Markus got a large Cappuccino. 

Both coffees were delicious. It was hands down the best coffee I have had in Linz yet! You have to wait longer, compared to other coffee shops, to get the coffee served, but it is worth it.  You can really see how much love goes into it, which I personally think also reflects in the taste. 

Die Brüher Linz - Curvy Life Stories


Although Die Brüher are specialized in coffee, they also have a few snacks on the menu for when you get hungry. Their avocado toasts are pretty loved and can be found all over Instagram. However, Markus and I aren’t the biggest avocado fans. Luckily, there are other things on the menu that caught both of our eyes. 

He went for an “Eierspeis” – which is what Austrians call their egg dishes. He ordered the two fried eggs with toast, cheese, and ham (not pictured). We both were pleasantly surprised that the eggs weren’t actually fried, but baked in the oven, directly on the dish where it is served. Markus said they were baked to perfection!

Die Brüher Linz - Curvy Life Stories

I like more of a sweet breakfast myself, so I went for the Yogiber Waffel pictured above. The waffles are fresh and made in front of you, in a cool waffle machine that I now am convinced we absolutely need to have. The greek yogurt was amazing and the berries were fresh. It was the perfect mixture of sweet and sour, the honey bringing it all together. What I personally also liked: the waffle dough was not sweet, it was pretty neutral in taste, which ended up being the perfect canvas for all the other flavors. 

Because I wanted to try out more from the menu of Die Brüher, I also ordered a croissant with jam. This takes a bit to get served, because the croissants are warmed up before being served. The highlight of the breakfast was the croissant jam though! I expected normal jam, from a glass or jar. However, I got mashed strawberries – fresh mashed strawberries! And guys, it tasted beyond amazing! And the way the croissant was served was a feast to the eyes. 


Die Brüher Linz - Curvy Life Stories


I went into Die Brüher with high expectations, but did not expect them to be topped the way they were. From the atmosphere of the tiny place to the food and, especially the coffee, everything was perfect! Sure, the place can feel a bit crowded when people go in to get coffee-to-go because every coffee takes a bit longer to make. But the wait is worth it! When we went there, there was only one young woman working. She did everything: the coffee, the food, cleaned up after preparing the food. All on her own and she had it all under control – we ordered at the same time as the table next to us, so she had to do all four orders at once. And you could really see how everything was made with love!

We ended up ordering two more coffees before leaving – an espresso for him and a cappuccino for me. Both of them were as delicious as the first ones. Usually, I feel that cappuccinos have a very strong coffee taste, but this one tasted smooth and not at all bitter. We paid around 30€ for everything, which I did not think was too much, especially because of the high quality of the ingredients and the service. 

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, I really loved my experience at Die Brüher! The place is not directly at the city center, but at only one tram stop from it, it’s super easy to reach and therefore still pretty central. If you are ever in Linz, you should totally visit it. I promise you, you won’t regret it! 


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  1. 6. February 2018 / 10:08 pm

    Hallo Rosie,

    oh, ich war im November das letzte Mal in Linz und wenn ich gewusst hätte, dass es so einen tollen Coffeeshop mit so lecker aussehenden Waffeln gibt, wäre ich natürlich schnurstracks dahin gegangen 🙂
    Die Waffeln sehen nämlich wirklich himmlisch aus und ich bin ohnehin ständig auf der Suche nach dem besten Kaffee. Ich werde mir Die Brüher auf jeden Fall merken, wenn ich mal wieder in Linz sein sollte 🙂

    Liebste Grüße

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