Hello people out there who don’t have anything better to do than to  read this blog! =D

Today I present you with the lost (oh, yeah..I found them…right) pictures of my cookie baking!! Now, there aren’t many pictures…nor are there cookies left (I have a Dad who has the munchies =P) but here they are!


These are the basic ingredients for my cookies:
300g flour
100g sugar
125g butter
1 Egg
and any kind of essence/flavor you might want to add!
You mix the ingredients all together, preferably with your hands (that’s what I do, ’cause I’m scared to ruin our very old Kenwood haha) and then when it is all together you just let it sit for about an hour in the fridge!
Afterwards, you shall line the cooking tray with non sticky paper, this will prevent the cookies from sticking to the tray, and will make them much easier to get out!
You make any type of forms you might want to..I just happened to have some stars and flowers and so I used those =)
This is what they look like BEFORE they are cooked =P
You set the oven at 180º and let them cook for 10min, or until they are golden =)
And THIS is what they look like when cooked =)
This made about three trays such like that =)
I hope you guys enjoyed this small post! Let me know what you think! =D
xoxo Rose
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