Cozy Sunday: Cravings for hot weather!

Ugh, we’ve been having out second heatwave here in Linz this week! It’s so so hot outside, never under 30ºC!

Naturally you want to dress lightly for this kind of weather. When it’s this hot I crave one thing only:

Maxi Dresses!


Earlier in the month I got one of my favorite buys this year, a leopard printed maxi dress! I remember back in 2010 I got a maxi dress with a similar print and I wore it until it got awkwardly short, so I knew this buy would be a good one!

Personally I like printed maxi dresses, I think they’re such a statement on its own. On the collage above my favorites are the third and the fifth dress, although I also love the shade of the fourth one! Do you like maxi-dresses? I’ve been wearing mine with a skinny belt at the waist, sometimes even pulling some of the fabric up to create the illusion of a shorter dress.

What are your staples for hot weather?



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