Cozy Sunday: my new favorite teamug!

It’s no surprise that I love tea. In the Summer, in the Winter…during a cold stormy night, after a breakup, before a test or even during classes, I think there’s no perfect time to drink tea!
There is only one thing that really breaks my heart. Well, two things. First, there is not my favorite brand of tea here. Or better said, my favorite tea from Tetley. Second, tea is really, really expensive here in Vienna. I mean, I get 10 bags of my beloved berries tea from Tetley at 1€ in Portugal. Here, a 20 bag pack of tea costs not less than 3€. Unless it’s black tea, but I can’t drink black tea..
So, for the first three weeks here I tried as much as I could to find cheaper tea. I went to every store. Every.Store.I.Could.Find.In.Town. Without success. So, when last week I saw that the fruit tea I like from Teekanne was on sale for 1.99€ for those who have the Billa card, I grabed a package. And have been pretty happy ever since!
Also, how cute is this mug??? It’s actually from the clothing detergent called Persil, but it’s at least 15 years old and I love the vintage looking girl on it.
I try to drink one or two cups a day. I’ve managed to drink at least a cup for the past three days and it’s helped me through the cold I got last week!
Do you like tea? What’s your favorite flavor?


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