Cozy Sunday: Rules of Engagement

Wherever I look nowadays, it seems someone I know is getting engaged. It’s ok if it’s the old lady from the corner or the sweet waitress at the coffeehouse, but to me it gets a whole lot weirder when it’s someone my age instead.
Two years ago I went to a wedding where the bride and groom were 29, that wasn’t that weird, after all they were almost 30, that’s a good time to get married, right? Plus they’d been together for ages!!!
Then last September one of my middle school friends got married. He’s just a month older than me…and he and his now wife had only be together for two years before they got married…to me that’s just insane!!! I was with someone for 4.5 years and we broke up. 
I can imagine two people getting married that soon when they’re older and more experienced…but at 25? It just seems…weird…and now another two couples I know that are my age (one of them is younger) also got engaged!!!
I’m not even looking for a boyfriend, let alone thinking of getting married!!! Marriage brings a whole lot of responsibilities, like babies and stuff…I have a hard time getting my teenage cat under control!!
So now I’m having all these existential questions and doubts about myself and my like and asking myself “what am I doing with my life???What am I meant to do??” and all that…(ok ok, most of it might be because I’m a bit hormonal, but that’s not the point!!) 
So tell me, what do you think about getting engaged so early?? And more importantly, tell me if I’m weird for not even wanting to think about it yet..
And have a good Sunday!


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