Cruisin’ down the Danube

Back in October we went on a ship cruise through a part of the Danube, with some of Markus’ family. It was a nice little trip, even though I was totally exhausted from the previous week. I call it: Cruisin’ down the Danube, hehe!

We started at 9am and had breakfast on the ship. Even though it took a while until we could make our order, the service people were really nice!

We even had live music and two ladies opened the dance floor. Actually, I think they were the only ones who danced…I really liked it, even though in my opinion it was a bit too loud.

We soon went up to the deck, where it was very windy. In the picture below you can see me talking to the guy who catered our table. He was a very nice man, who was personally annoyed by my accent, because he couldn’t check if I was from Germany or from Austria haha! I have a mixed accent, so a lot of people have this issue with me! 🙂

I gotta say the view from the deck was really gorgeous!! Just check it out:

I really love being in ships! I think it has to do with the fact that my Dad used to be a Captain and I used to come visit when I was a toddler. I don’t remember much, but I guess it stayed subconsciously in my mind!

Have you guys ever done something like this? I cannot wait for Spring to come, so we’ll do a trip like this again! Maybe next time we go until Passau, I think that would be amazing!


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