Cuddly Sunday: my two new roomates!

As some of you might have read in this post, back in September I lost my little Cookie. It was basically the hardest thing I had to go through, it still is sometimes (lets just say I teared up last night while telling Rogi about it), but as you might already have seen on my InstagramI got two little reasons that have been a huge help!
Meet Daisy (right) and Donald (left)!
After losing Cookie I was miserable. A friend of mine called me over to her place and to cut the story short, I got back home with these two little tigers!
They were both extremely shy and made the term “scaredy cat” justice. They spent the first week or so hiding behind the heater (turned off, obviously!)
When they finally ventured from behind the heater, they’d always lie very close together and always close enough that they could run back to their hiding spot. It was really cute, actually.
Eventually I “caught” then and gave them “forced cuddles”, to which Daisy responded in a very positive way! Donald is more of a scared kitty, but he’s getting there.
Right now they already come to me, especially Daisy (who’s actually right now laying on my arm and making it extremely difficult to write this post, but making it all worth it with her loud and loving purring!)
Donald is the tricky one. He is extremely smart and only plays tricks. She’s calmer and basically a cuddle ball. 
He already comes and lies with me when I sleep, even purring very loud and accepting petting, but only when we’re sleeping.
Sometimes I still feel guilty for loving them, because Cookie was my first can see her favorite toy in the picture above, I washed it and they love playing with it. 
It’s really cute to see two cats playing with each other as these two do. They’re siblings and so their bond is much stronger than the one between other cats.
What do you think of my little babies?


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