DIY Christmas Wreath 2016

The time has come: Sunday is the 1st Advent! That means we can officially start listening to Christmas songs and eat gingerbread cookies without looking like Christmas freaks. It also means the first Advent candle in the Christmas Wreath will be lit. 

If you don’t have a Christmas Wreath yet, today I show you how to make one yourself!

DIY Adventskranz 2016

DIY Christmas wreath 2016

Last year Markus and I bought a real Christmas Wreath from a local Christmas Market in Linz. It was our first Christmas living together and we wanted to make it special. Additionally it was my first Christmas in Austria and Markus wanted it to be unforgetable.

Unfortunately real Christmas Wreaths do not keep fresh for long. By the end of Christmas it was already dry and didn’t look so good anymore. So this year I had the idea of making one – which we can even re-use again. Markus simply said “Sure, you can do that” which meant he didn’t want to go shopping and was fine with me doing it. That’s actually good, because we all know Men just bother in shopping trips and this way I could get what I wanted. Which is exactly what I did today!

I drove to the Plus City and went to a new shop called Nanu Nana. There you can find many decorations and also a lot for Christmas. I knew I’d find what I needed there.

DIY Adventskranz 2016

The first thing I got was the wood tablet. It’s roughly painted white and I found it perfect, because I wanted to make a contrast between the dark furniture we have in our dining area. I also wanted it to be clean, but still elegant. The candle holders can be bought separately for 2.50€ and you only need to put them in place.

Next the details: I got to bags of pines and dried limes – they smell amazingly! Two bags of pine branches (not real ones though) and two bags with smaller pines which you can’t really see in the photographs and the stars and white decor also went into the basket. Lastly the small balls and the candles. 

I wanted it to be a cooler color palette (so to say), since we already have red table cloths I didn’t want to get more red. Green is pretty, but the accents of the branches were enough for me. So I went with the cooler white option, the pines look good with the green, yet everything remains elegant. The silver candles are a clean and chic Christmas option.

DIY Adventskranz 2016

The 1st Advent can come, we’re ready for it! Well, a good friend’s son says it’s not a real Christmas wreath because it isn’t round, but I’m still very proud of it!

What do you think of my Christmas Wreath? Are you doing yours yourself or do you prefer the store-bought ones?



    • Rosie Waldherr
      7. December 2016 / 9:43 pm

      Thank you! I loved doing it and am pretty happy with the result =D

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