Doesn’t it make you think?

Hey hey everyone..
I was browsing on Facebook, as usual, and I stumbled upon this picture I am now sharing with you! It clearly shows us how times have changed!!! This is a caption of a magazine add from the 60’s…take a look!
Isn’t it strange to see how much times have changed?? By the time this add was made, the beauty standard for women was on the curvy side, like shown on the picture on the right…yet now the woman pictured on the left would probably still be considered to big in some circles and that’s just insane!!!!
 Which woman, from the two pictured above, do you think looks better? I have no doubts, I think the one on the right looks far better than the one on the left! In my opinion the woman on the left just looks ill…like she’s malnourished or something..specially her face (I will never complain about my double chin and chubby cheeks again!) 
Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a size 14? Next time you feel “fat”, “frumpy” or “too big” 
think about it, the woman considered a sex icon, the ultimate bomb shell wasn’t a size 0! 
I think this is a very important subject…women shouldn’t starve themselves to look thin..they should aim to be healthy instead!!! Embrace our curves..our hips and tights and yes even our cellulite!!! They’re part of us…part of who we are…what makes us a woman! 
Love yourself…because you’re stuck with yourself until the end and you might as well have a fun loving ride, don’t you think?




  1. Nora
    7. March 2013 / 11:57 pm

    This is so interesting and shocking too! I didn't know that about Marilyn Monroe and it is very interesting to see how perspectives changed so much!


  2. Jen
    21. November 2017 / 11:59 am

    Marilyn Monroe was actually pretty small. In the famous curvy white bathing suit pictures, she’s actually pregnant and still not that big (at around 166cm, she weighed close to 64kg then). For most of her career, she was pretty slim at only 53-54kg. Her waist was just so small that she looked bigger in comparison. If you look up what her measurements were, you’ll be pretty shocked. Her lower body would fit a size small nowadays, but because she was such an extreme hourglass her top would be a medium.

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