Easy Recipe: Erdäpfelgulasch Wiener Art

Erdäpfelgulasch Wiener Art definitely is in my list of easy recipes! I made it last week and a lot of people on my Instagram asked how I make it. So today I am sharing you this recipe I learned from my uncle, who was a cook. Keep on reading to find out how to make Erdäpfelgulasch Wiener Art!


Gulasch is a centuries-old meat stew from Hungary. Erdäpfelgulasch is nothing other than the alternative the people found during the war when meat was very scarce, using potatoes instead of meat. It is still very broadly consumed in central Europe, sometimes with some sausages added to it. There are tons of recipes for Gulasch, “Wiener Art” just means it’s the one from Vienna. 

Erdäpfelgulasch Wiener Art Rezept - Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr


The ingredients are pretty straightforward and the main ingredient is, you guessed it, potatoes!

  • 800g potatoes
  • 40g butter
  • 200g onion (preferably white) 
  • 20g sweet paprika powder
  • 1 TS vinegar
  • 500ml beef broth (alternatively if you want it completely vegetarian) 
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 TS cumin
  • 1 TS marjoram 
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Parsley (chopped) 
  • Sour cream – optional


  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into mouth-sized pieces. Peel the onions and garlic. Chop the onion finely and press the garlic. 
  2. In a pot melt the butter and sauté them when the butter is very hot. Sprinkle the paprika powder, let it roast for a bit and then add the vinegar and the broth. 
  3. Add the potatoes and garlic. 
  4. Season it with the cumin and the marjoram. Add salt and pepper like you usually do. 
  5. Let the Erdäpfelgulasch simmer on a low temperature or flame, until the potatoes are soft and the sauce has reduced and turned creamy. 
  6. Upon serving, sprinkle the parsley and add the sour cream.
  7. Optional: add some Frankfurter (sausages) if you want to. 

Erdäpfelgulasch Wiener Art Rezept - Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr

As you can see, this is a pretty easy, quick and yummy recipe for you to make. The ingredients are staples in every pantry and the recipe is a hit with the children as well! If you like a bit more spice you can always add a bit of hot paprika as well. Have you ever tried Erdäpfelgulasch Wiener Art? 


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