Essential fashion bags!

Hey hey everyone!

Today I decided to show you the five bag-types every woman should own (according to me)!

I believe every woman should own at least one bag of each section…and I’m already at fault haha because I don’t own one of them, but let’s get to them!

Five bags every woman should own

1- The clutch: this is the kind of bag one should have for when one goes out on a date or on a girls night out! But beware, if you’re going to be dancing all night and don’t want to carry it on your hand, try finding one with a chain. Clutches can be either dressed up or down, depending on what kind you get. But I think they’re always extremely elegant!

2- The quilted bag: This is my all time favorite bag!! It’s no secret that I dream to have a Chanel Jumbo flap bag and that’s why I chose that picture, but I’m not telling you to go spend your savings on a Chanel bag, by any means!! There are many affordable and cute similar bags that you can find. I have one from Zara that is quite unique and was a gift from my Mr (which makes it even more special) and it was a lot less than 2000€, even though it wasn’t exactly didn’t make any of us bankrupt or homeless 

3- The backpack: I know it’s not exactly glamorous, but don’t underestimate them, backpacks can look chic if we want to! And I think every girl should own one, because they are great for hike’s or when you’re on vacation! 

4- The cross body: This bag is good if you want to keep your hands free, but still want to look cute and have an alternative to the backpack. I personally don’t wear cross body bags (except when I’m out dancing) because I don’t think they look good with my body type, but love to see them on other girls!

5- The shopper: This is my go to bag for day to day and for school, because it fits about everything! I have been wanting the Longchamp Le Pliage (pictured above) for ages now, but never really got into buying it and honestly I feel like it’s a bit too expensive..

What are the essential bags in your collection? Let me know!



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