Fifty shades of Valentine’s

Lately I have the feeling everywhere I turn, there is two things everyone is talking about:

Fifty Shades of Gray and Valentine’s Day

Regarding the first one…I did not read the book…I am not interested in doing so and after watching the trailer I decided I just don’t find it so interesting. Maybe it’s the whole hype that went on about it and is going on since the trailers got out…but I just don’t really find it that appealing…plus I really don’t see why the guy is all that. And that’s all I have to say about the subject.

Secondly, Valentine’s Day…no, I am not going to make any posts about it. And no, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, quite the contrary, I find the whole idea behind it to be pretty sweet. But with time and experience in life (’cause I’m that old and experienced, right?) I realized that people stopped seeing the day for what it really is and started treating it like a given thing.

In my first relationship we would exchange gifts on every single Valentine. We would exchange gifts on every monthly anniversary. And birthdays. And Christmas. And you know what? It was the worse relationship I’ve ever had (again, ’cause I’m so expecienced!)

I learned that Valentine’s Day is just a day. Like any other. Only, people tend to forget that and try so hard to pretend like it’s not. How many couples out there are fighting every single day, breaking up and getting back together, cheating on each other, not valuing the person they have next to them? But on Valentine’s Day they suddenly forget al of that and pretend everything is peachy.

To me, if you give me an unexpected gift, if you show me you care everyday, that counts a lot more than this day will ever count. It’s not about one day, it’s not about the pink hearts, the cute postcards and the yummy chocolate. It’s about the person you have next to you. Not just on that day, but everyday.

What good is it if you don’t appreciate the person you’re with on the other 362 days (excluding birthdays and Christmas) of the year? Does giving something on this day prove something? 

Show the person you love that you love them everyday, not just on this day. Show them you love them even when you’re mad at them. There’s so many different kinds of love, share it, show it, let it be known! I love all of my friends, all in a different way (just like they are all different from one another), I love my parents, I love my cats….I show them everyday. I let them know everyday. 

Take a step back and reflect about it…are you truly that happy in your relationship/friendship or do you feel like you have to show the world how happy you are, because everyone else is doing it on this day?

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Or better said, I don’t celebrate it on the 14th of February. I celebrate love. Whenever I want, whenever I feel like it. And you should too!

And if you’re single, don’t be down for not having a boyfriend/girlfriend to share this day society has set upon us. Take your best friend out, take your brother/sister/pet parrot and go out, have fun, give them a hug and let them know how important they are to you. Most importantly, show yourself how important you are – give yourself a spa treatment, go out on a hike or do whatever you love. Because at the end of the day, you are the one person you can’t escape from. And you better love yourself while you’re at it!

Having that said, I’m totally ok with chocolate. 
(what? I’m a girl, I like chocolate!!!)



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