Finding your plus size pregnancy style with regular clothes!

How to find your plus size pregnancy style

You will probably think I’m lying when I tell you, in over six months of pregnancy, I have bought a total of two maternity clothing items. Yup, two! The first one was jeans, because duh, normal jeans are just totally uncomfortable. I have a very short torso (and pelvis) and usually get low rise jeans, that fit me as if they were normal rise. That’s why I invested in maternity jeans early in the pregnancy. 

The second item was a pregnancy sports coat, which I only got because it was 25€, instead of 85€. To be honest, even though I knew my bump would be at its biggest in the Winter months, I did not want to invest in a maternity coat that would only be used for a total of two months. However, I did not know how my bump would grow – some bumps grow quicker than others – so when I saw that coat, I decided to play it safe and get it. And if I end up not using it (as of now, my regular winter coat still fits), I won’t have spent a lot and can always sell it. 

You must be asking yourself how the hell I am managing to wear regular clothes while being seven months pregnant and plus size. Despair not, my friends, for I am sharing my secrets with you today!

Being true to yourself with your plus size pregnancy style

Plus size pregnancy style

1.Flowy Tops – You know those flowy oversized tops that were very in during the Summer months? Don’t put them into storage, you can keep wearing them! I did this for the most part of my pregnancy until the tops in question got short. But even when this happens, you can still keep wearing them – just wear a belly band underneath to make your tops appear longer!

2.Stretchy dresses – When I first started getting a bump, I did not know how to feel about it and therefore tried to conceal it as much as possible. That meant I was wearing everything I could find that hid my shape as best as possible. Not a good idea, especially when you’re already plus size and don’t want to look bigger than you are. This is when I saw another blogger wear a similar dress to the one pictured above while being 6 months pregnant. It was an H&M dress and cost 10€. I went online, found the dress, got one in green and one in black in XL, knowing I could send them back if I didn’t like them. Guess what? They not only fit perfectly, they are absolutely the most comfortable and versatile dresses I own and have been in constant rotation since they moved into my wardrobe. And they actually make me look slimmer!!!

3.Ponchos – Like I said above, I did not want to invest in any winter coats. Instead, I decided to go with the “layering” method for the winter. Which is why I got myself a very warm poncho to wear under my regular winter coats, once these don’t button up anymore. The bonus part? Ponchos are super versatile and chic. If it ends being a bit big, I can always belt it after the pregnancy!

Recycling your wardrobe for a stylish plus size pregnancy

Plus size pregnancy style

4.Oversized sweaters – Regular sweaters work too, sized up if you need to. I have been rotating between two sweaters that are my usual size and look great with everything. If I have to be honest, it’s actually the same sweater in two different colors. Why not do it, if it works? And if they get short, just wear them with a long top or a belly band underneath. 

5.Cardigans – It’s up to you if you want to wear figure-hugging, flowy or oversized cardigans. Personally, I prefer flowy cardigans, that play with my curves – especially when paired with the dresses mentioned above.

Feeling good about yourself when your body is changing so much as it does during pregnancy is hard enough. When you’re plus size and finding clothes for your size is a challenge, things get even harder. I hope to have helped you lovely ladies out there to find your plus size pregnancy style!



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  1. 21. November 2017 / 5:19 pm

    Das Tolle ist ja, das Mode so vielseitig ist und man so viele neue Arten entdecken kann, wie man Kleidung trägt, auch wenn sich der Körper verändert! Und ich find deine Tipps echt super!

    Liebst, Sarah-Allegra

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