Five things I learned through Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a while now…and yesterday I decided to look back and realized I learned a couple of things from blogging..thought it would maybe be interesting for some of you guys to know:

1. Opinions will bring reactions:
Of course I already knew this..but once I started putting my opinions online, shit got real. I’ve had people saying pretty mean things just because of it. There was a point in my blogging life where I just wrote about fashion and makeup because it was, simply put, easy. No drama, no problems. And then I woke up one day and was like “so what?!”. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, and this is my blog after all. I do not write anything here that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying out loud and if someone has a problem with it, so be it. I like discussions! I like talking about stuff with people and hear their opinions and I respect them. ALL of them. In a way, blogging made me more tolerant to other people’s opinions.

2. Be careful what you put online:
This one should be easy, right? Well, sometimes it isn’t. But the truth is, once something is online, it’s not getting out, no matter what you do. I am a pretty open minded person, but I also respect and enjoy having my privacy. I write and talk openly about things like homosexuality or sex, because I think it is important for younger generations nowadays to know stuff. That being said, you’ll never read here how I lost my virginity or what me and my boyfriend (should I have one, I don’t, don’t worry Mom, I’ll tell you when that happens!!) do in the privacy of our bedroom. Because that is something private that I not only do not wish to share, but also don’t think will bring anything to this blog. 

3. Things may be misinterpreted:
I am a pretty funny person (if I may say so). I joke, I play. But there are certain things I will never write here, because they could (and most probably would!) lead to unwanted drama due to misinterpretation. For example, I have gay friends. I make jokes about gay people to them. Because they get that I’m joking and will probably even respond! But if I were to do it here, someone somewhere would get offended. And I would end up feeling bad because I was misunderstood…which would lead to me crying…which in turn would lead to me needing a hug from my boyfriend which, if you read the point above, you know I don’t have and therefor would be left without someone to comfort me while crying. See? No can do.

4. Not everyone will like you:
No matter what you do, you cannot appease every single person in the planet. Personally I think that’s a good thing, because this way we’re not all the same and have something to difference us. But sometimes people will get mean. They will insult you. They will want to hurt you, just for the heck of it. Because it is pretty easy to be a bully from behind a computer screen, when the person won’t look you in the eye or punch you if you insult them. Which brings me to the next number.

5. Develop a thick skin:
I am a sensitive person. Seriously, I cry over the smallest thing. I see a happy move, I cry…I see a sad movie, I cry…I see a wedding, I cry…I am stressed, I cry…I am happy, I cry…I don’t really need a reason to cry..anything will do. And I used to take a lot of things personally. I remember the first time someone yelled at me, when I was working my first job (at a Hotel Reception). I went to the bathroom and cried. A lot. When you deal with clients on a daily basis (as I do) you need to develop a thick skin. Learn not to take things personally. I don’t take everything personally anymore, but that is more due to blogging than my work. Although it did help me in my job. People will be mean to you, they will leave bad comments, they will try to insult you and bring you down. And sometimes you just have to ignore and laugh. Because you’re bigger that than.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post…let me know, will ya?




  1. 11. May 2014 / 2:58 pm

    Thank you darling!! You're always so sweet and supportive!

  2. 11. May 2014 / 2:58 pm

    Thank you darling!! You're always so sweet and supportive!

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