Formal Valentine’s Outfit

Hey hey everyone!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and today I’m posting the second to last outfit inspiration for tomorrow night.

I got a bit inspired by Vienna and all it’s fancy things and decided to do a more on a formal outfit post. This is what I think you could wear if you went to a formal event tomorrow night!Formal Valentine
First of all, can we just give a moment of silence to take in the gorgeousness of that dress?? I would just love to have a reason (and the money!) to get a dress like that…I love fancy dresses so much..

Since the dress is so much of a statement already, I decided to go some nude accents, like the shoes and the bag. The earrings bring out the subtle sparkle of the dress and the gold of the bag and the ring is just because..well, I have a similar ring I never take off and it goes well with the dress too!

For makeup I would go for a very subtle look, a bit of an eye-liner (cat-eyed or not, your decision) and some nude lips. I would keep the hair simple as well, with a simple and romantic up-do.

What do you guys think?



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