Gender reveal: what are we having?

I must confess, I totally forgot about telling you guys what the gender of our baby is! We found out at around 18/19 weeks and, naturally, wanted to tell our family and friends first. Somehow, it ended up slipping my mind and I ended up never saying it here or on social media. 

Gender Reveal - Curvy Life Stories - Rosie von Waldherr


We really didn’t care about the gender. That’s because we are much more excited about having a baby, an actual tiny person (that I’M carrying for 9 months). Girl or boy, it really was the same for us and our little one did not make it easy for the doctor to see either! We even got it “confirmed” in the organ screening twice, because we wanted to make sure. The son of a friend was a “girl” until the 8th month and we both have the same doctor! With us, the doctor was leaning on to one gender, without wanting to make a “definite assumption”. And then he went from 80% to 100% certainty in 0.01 seconds, which was funny to see. 

And I must say, it kind of annoyed me when the first thing people asked me was “do you know what it’s going to be?”, followed by “do you already have a name?”. Especially when the second question still was asked, even though the answer to the first one was “no”. I often felt like answering something like “Oh we don’t know the gender yet, but already chose the name ‘Helen’. Whether it’s a boy or a girl.” Sometimes it was like everyone else was more excited about knowing, than us! 


It's a boy - Rosie von Waldherr

Yup, we are going to be the proud parents of a boy (and a female-needy-cat-who-thinks-she-is-a-human) and we are extremely happy about it! From what I can tell he’s either going to be a dancer, a karaté kid or a football player. And he’s already not doing what I tell him, whenever I ask him to maybe stop kicking when I need to concentrate, he responds by kicking more vigorously. 

I’m excited to start this new journey with a little boy in my life. It really didn’t matter to me which gender the baby has because that does not dictate who they will be. Everyone keeps telling me how “much easier” boys are, compared to girls. Honestly, I think the gender doesn’t say if it will be an “easy” or a “hard” child.


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