Gift guide: cozy edition

With Christmas around the corner, everyone is going crazy with the presents shopping and all the excitement that comes with it. 

So I decided to give you guys a couple of ideas if you’re still loking for cozy presents to give to someone special in your life. Because, let’s be real, nothing beats being cozy on Christmas, right?Cozy Christmas presents

I love cozy slippers and of course they need to look girly! I actually own a pair similar to these in pink and I’ve worn them for over two years now!

A circle scarf (or any kind of cozy scarf) is a must for the cold weather!! I’m actually wanting to get a cashemere one for a while now…but since they’re so expensive I think I’ll just get a soft one I saw at H&M..

Beanies!! I love beanies and wear them every morning when I go to work! They keep my ears hot and toasty and they look cute!

Socks!!! I love socks! During the day I can only wear really thin ones (which is why I like those thermic thin socks), but once I get home I immediately step into some really thick and hot and cute socks to lounge in.

Gloves are so cute, especially these! I don’t actually wear gloves, because it doesn’t matter how warm they’re supposed to be, my hands will be cold anyways, no matter what.

A soft and cozy blanket, something that cannot miss in any home! Mine is currently in the cats carrier, because they love it and it’s a way for them to get used to the carrier while at home, so they won’t feel scared once we actually leave the house.

What kind of gifts do you like?




  1. 13. December 2014 / 5:00 pm

    These look SO warm and cozy! I love that pastel pink hat, I think it would look so cute with a peacoat! Thanks for sharing Rosie! Love your style!

  2. 26. December 2014 / 10:19 pm

    I totally agree, it WOULD look great with a peacoat =D

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