Giveaway Time!

I decided to run another Giveaway! The last one I did was wayyyy long ago, before I even moved to Austria. I thought it is probably overdue! Check it out:

I have not one, not two, but three prizes to give out in this giveaway!!!

(Unfortunately this Giveaway is only for my Austrian Subscribers)

The first place will receive a Hell Fresh giftcard for 20€ plus the new handlotion from Balea (that smells amazeballs by the way!).  The second and third places will receive each a giftcard from Hell Fresh!

If you don’t know what Hello Fresh is, you can check it out by clicking here – basically it’s a service where you order a box with ingredients and recipes to cook amazing dishes! You can check some of the recipes on their website too!

IMG_9309 IMG_9315

Wanna take part in this Giveaway?  Click HERE to do so!!!

The Giveaway is only for my Austrian readers, as Hello Fresh only delivers to Austria. But other Giveaways will be coming for my international friends! It ends on the 3rd of August (Monday)!

Good Luck everyone!



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