Good friends and good drinks!

This past week was quite eventful. Wednesday was very hard for me and I wasn’t doing very well. Luckily me and some friends got out of work early and decided to meet up with a fourth friend of our for some drinks to brighten up the mood!
We decided to go to Naschmarkt in Vienna and have some drinks at Neni‘s. We sat outside and I must say it was some of the most fun I’ve had ever since I got to Vienna! We laughed, we talked about a lot of things and we had drinks. I had a glass of Hugo Spritzer and I must say I loved it! I’d heard of it before, but this was my first time trying it and I spent the whole time thinking how me and my best friend Hugo would make jokes about it!
Hugo Spritzer

At 19:00 two of our friends had to leave, but me and R. went to a pub in the first district and sit by the bar having fun and talking! So we decided to go to the 1516 Brewing Company and I have to say I might make it one of my go-to places from now on! The atmosphere is amazing, the staff is nice, the music is just up my alley and they have the best beer in town. Even though I had a Cranberry Juice, but I take the word that the beer is amazing! Oh and the potato wedges are

Yesterday we had decided to go all out again, but then two of us couldn’t go so it was just me and E. We decided to go walk by Schwedenplatz for a while and then ended up sitting at a table outside of the S’Eck. It was a really cool place to be, we could talk and have fun and the lovely lady who served us was really nice! We ended up trading drinks after trying each others drinks and even though I originally had ordered a Mangospritzer I ended up drinking a Veilchenspritzer. It’s white wine with soda water and violet syrup and it’s yummy! 

I don’t usually go out during the week, and even on Wednesday I was home by 9PM, so it wasn’t really a “night out”. But being with those friends was just what I needed to feel better! They sure as hell know how to have a good time!

It’s nice to know you have good friends and it sure is true, it’s in those times when you’re down that you find out who really is your friend. And I ain’t gonna let these three go anytime soon! 





  1. Anonymous
    10. August 2014 / 8:05 pm

    Everything looks so good!!! Glad you had fun babe!


  2. 14. September 2014 / 3:25 pm

    I did!! I'm loving going out with my girlfriends!

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