Goodies from home!!!

On Friday I got a lovely package from my parents with some stuff that didn’t fit into my luggage when I came to Vienna and also some little surprises!!
Along with one of my favorite bed-sets, some gummy bears (and cranberries!!!) and Kinder chocolate, there were these two Knorr packages!
I had mentioned to my Mum a few days ago that they didn’t have these two specific “flavors” of Knorr here in Austria (the only two I actually love and cook with) and I was really bummed about it..I mean, I don’t really eat meat that often (even though I should because of the vitamin B12..), but when I do, I like to use one of these little babies…
It was really sweet of them to remember this and surprise me with this little gift!!! I used a one of them last night and it was SO good!!! Now I’ll definitely eat more meat! 
Thank you so much Mum and Dad!!!! I love you very much!!


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